LightGreen Power designs and supplies silent, emission free electrochemical power packs to customers requiring remote and portable power solutions. Our key markets include remote monitoring, railways, lighting, construction and emergency response. To those clients, our products are cost competitive with incumbent power solutions and offer unique attributes. These include:

  • Light weight
  • Zero emissions
  • Silent operation
  • High efficiencies – low running cost
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts

Building on years of research and development by its parent company, LightGreen was created in 2011 to integrate the best electrochemical energy generation and storage devices into cutting edge products.

LightGreen capitalises on the technical advances and cost reductions of electrochemical energy, such as fuel cells, high performance batteries, and efficient power management electronics. Our parent company, Element Energy, is a leading provider of consultancy and product development in the power sector.  LightGreen combines this strategic understanding of core electrochemical power technologies, with practical experience of product design and support. LightGreen has a licence to use power hybridisation IP developed by Element Energy.

LightGreen is technology neutral and takes a strategic view of technology capabilities and integrates these into optimised, efficient and reliable products. We offer a range of robust products, from small long mission duration 50Watt products to man-portable 5kW gensets.

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