About us

LightGreen Power was founded in 2011 to bring a range of electrochemical power devices to the portable power market. We recognised that light weight, silent maintenance free generators would be extremely attractive in the marketplace. At the same time, we understood the cost reduction and performance improvement trajectories of fuel cell and battery technologies would make these products increasingly attractive to large sections of the market.

Our vision is to design and supply silent, emission free electrochemical power packs to supply remote and portable power needs. Starting with niche markets, we are building a reputation for high quality and robust products with unique advantages. We are developing a strong position to capitalise on the cost reductions and performance improvements in electrochemical energy. Ultimately, we believe that our devices will displace a significant proportion of the small and medium sized genset market.

We are technology neutral. We choose the best technologies from a wide range of suppliers. Key to this approach is our patented hybridisation architecture. This allows us to combine the benefits of diverse technologies, while providing the user with all of the advantages of high power, high duration, and reliability.

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