We offer a range of robust products, from small, long mission duration 50Watt products to man-portable 5kW gensets. Applications include remote monitoring, railways, lighting, construction and emergency response. Our products are cost competitive with incumbent power solutions and offer unique additional advantages.

  • Light weight
  • Zero emissions
  • Silent operation
  • High efficiencies – low running cost
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts


PowerPack is a high performance, high reliability, robust battery power pack. Weighing less than 20kg, Powerblock is designed to be easily man portable. There are three versions of PowerPack available; a 110V, 220V and a higher power (5kW) 220V version specifically for the welding market. All are CE certified and approved for use in key markets.


Micro is our smallest unit purpose designed for long duration, remote, low power requirements. Inside Micro is a very efficient low power fuel cell, providing long duration energy needs, coupled to a high performance battery. Micro is ideal for LED area lighting, remote monitoring, data logging and surveillance


HyBall incorporates a fuel cell with a high capacity battery allowing outputs of up to 3kW (4 horsepower) at 110V or 220V. It is highly efficient, has no moving parts, is silent and has zero emissions during use. It can power most heavy duty machinery such as sleeper cutters, and tamping machines. The unique combination of high power and long mission duration makes this product highly versatile.


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