PowerPack – 3kVA Battery Generator

LGP Power Pack White bkg

The PowerPack is a high performance, high reliability, robust battery powered generator. It is ideal for maintenance tasks which require the operation of high power electrical machinery in remote or confined spaces. With its high performance Li-Fe battery pack, PowerPack can for example provide local area lighting for up to 8 hours, or cut 2 steel railway tracks, and anything in between.

Weighing 15kg, PowerPack is designed to be easily man portable. PowerPack excels when operating underground or in confined spaces. Users can get the job done knowing there is no issue with polluting emissions, or generation of dangerous levels of CO2.

Users recognise how the unique features of PowerPack can improve their business performance. Its light weight and zero emissions means health and safety concerns are very much reduced, and getting in and out of the site is much easier. No moving parts means there are no expensive maintenance schedules.

PowerPack has been designed and built in the UK to provide the reliability and robustness our clients demand. It has a simple interface for no-nonsense operation. It is rated to IP 43 which means it can be used outside, come rain or shine.

Three versions of PowerPack are available; a 110V, 220V and a higher power (5kW) 220V version specifically for the welding market. All are CE certified and approved for use in key markets.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the range of the PowerPack.

The Power Pack Plus is now available. This product is for those users who need a longer duration than that of the standard PowerPack. PowerPack Plus offers double the capacity in the same chassis size as the PowerPack

Power Pack Specification Sheet

Power Pack Plus Specification Sheet

PowerPack  and PowerPack Plus are now commercially available, please contact sales for more details.

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